Rescue Journal

Wow did I miss SAINTS this weekend...

Mo  ·  Sep. 23, 2007

.. however if you are ever looking for a great get-away for a week-end , where you can take your dog & they are just as welcome as the human guests... go to Bluff Hollows Bed & Breakfast. What a great week-end it was. Nice private cabin, walk out the back door & you can spend hours hiking in beautiful old growth forest ( I only got lost once ... well that I counted anyhow ). A short drive gets you to beaches where the pooches can play in the water... super yummy breakfasts & wonderful hosts !!! My guys are now totally flaked out & so am I. I sure missed my SAINTS fix though & not sure I'll make it until next week-end before coming out.... I hope the the photographer got a greatr shot of Dexter... do you get copies of the pictures he takes ? Or can you buy some ?

Did the crew miss me ?



i missed you and that is way more important then if they missed you!
i kept them out with me most of both took 5 full hours to clean both of the barns today (not cuz they were that hard to clean but because i kept getting called away to deal with visitors and never seemed to be able to get thru the cleaning without another interruption) glad you are home...i am working next weekend so thank god you are here!

and yes they did in fact miss you, you are nicer to them than i am...i tell them to go and walk themselves (which they won't!)