Rescue Journal

mugsy and cleo are here

Carol  ·  Sep. 25, 2007

cleo is an absolute doll. i think she is maybe a shep/pittie or maybe boxer cross and she has the softest coat and whitest old lady face and helicopter ears. she is very sweet.

mugsy has a wonderful tough old man face, he looks like a shep/chow cross and he just beams "i can kick your ass!" in a very dignified way. he is still very sedated (they gave him too high a dose of the acevet.) he came out of his crate growling and biting right thru the leash while he wobbled trying to get away.

i was just sitting on the floor with them, petting cleo's face and rubbing mugsy's nose...she liked it, he growled at me the whole damn time.

just wait til i order in pizza tomorrow night when they are both fully awake, we will see how much he growls at me then!

gosh my ankle is sore and swollen today, i am going to go and pop in a movie with them and lay on the couch for a bit til it is time to put the barn guys to bed.