Rescue Journal

typical tuesday

Carol  ·  Sep. 25, 2007

packer is still upset. we laid on the couch and watched "ladder 49" last night and shared a bag of pretzels....i know this sounds like he is absolutely fine but for a beagle this means little except there is food. he is a very blind dog in a shelter full of new smells and contantly moving bodies. he has no idea of who is safe and who is not and already sam has whacked him a couple of times on the nose which pissed me off cuz packer was just trying to figure out which way to go. i am keeping him back in my area for now and slowly will expand his horizons.

i woke up to a major kerfuffle again this morning. remy had fallen while trying to get up on a karunda bed. he was upset and clyde started to escalate (he has that "down animal", hyena mentality that is so utterly not appealing) anyway, i got to remy before clyde got any further than shrieking and running in circles and told him to piss off, which he quickly did. remy and i sat on the floor while remy caught his breath and clyde climbed up into my lap and sat there quietly too. finally remy was calm enough to help to his feet and i cleaned up his poop and i guess today officially began.

we got a couple of really nice emails from some people who want to visit and help us so i fired off replies and hope to meet them soon.

looks like an icky day out there today, i want to get the barn done early and get set up for mugsy and cleo's arrival plus i still have to get to the dump cuz i didn't get there yesterday.

wish us a good one and i wish you all a good one too.