Rescue Journal

on this very last night of my holidays

Carol  ·  Sep. 26, 2007

i run things thru my head...

enough feed, shavings and hay for the barn til my next days off?...check.

enough meds for everyone including spritely? check i got the quatrisol today, and eva picked up the phenobarb for clyde and baytril for clover and everyone elses meds are fine. medically everyone is stable so unless something changes we should be ok without vet calls.

enough canned food for the dogs and cats and litter box pellets? check.

are the vet bills under control?...ok well we will just skip that for now.

greg has the paint for the felv room so that will keep him busy and stocked for the next couple of days.

kathy brought bleach, i got new mops and we have enough paper towels and garbage bags. the dumpster is empty, the rabbits have food...hmmm, so i think we are ok for the 5 days.

i can't remember if i told you, but saints hired trina as our regular part time replacement for me when i am at work, she takes care of the cats and dogs. she checked in tonight about who is new and what they need and who is still on antibiotics and who is done. good for her to be proactive and prepared for her upcoming shifts!

so i think i am ready to go back to work but i really wish i just had one more day.

mugsy and cloe had their first solo field run. tammy and eva forgot i was out with them and came out with went ok.

but boy were those dogs happy for a run in the fields, they really enjoyed it and you could tell.

jeanette wouldn't go into the barn last night, i think maybe carl is spitting at her over the fence. she didn't want to go in tonight either and i patiently waited for like 20 freaking minutes while she stuck her head in the door and gave it a thought. i finally slipped past her and stood in front of carl and then she came in and went over to the other side. bad llama. and a couple of ellie's teats have little hickey type bruises around them and why do i think that she was letting carl nibble where he doesn't belong? (she loves belly rubs)i told her to not let him do that anymore.

and speaking of bad animals...i told ellie today that she was a VERY BAD PIG! she was helping me clean the new barn out and as soon as we were done, she picked up a full bucket of water and reefed it around the stall. i bought her one of those giant purple exercise balls at the thrift store today and greg inflated it for her. i hope she likes it but probably shouldn't buy her toys on the days that she is bad but i did anyway so there you go.

AND!!!! while i was in there, i was looking for a couple of comfy small chairs for the new cat room and guess what i found real cheap???

an old fashioned red upholstered rocker and a very cute and small fuzzy red couch. these cats are coming up from the states (their origin is colorado i think, via BF in utah...they are part of the 650 cats rescued from a rescue group gone very bad and by the sounds of it, came right out of hell)....anyway a few years ago i worked at BF and was paid on a 2 week trial, then they offered me a job, which i turned down cuz i had stuff that needed doing up here, i always felt guilty for getting paid for that 2 weeks so here is my chance to pay them back by helping some of these cats....these cats have had a very tough time of it and i want them to like their life here in canada as much as i do... i am decorating their new home in the good ole red, white and blue because it is fun and fun is good. i still want to find an old fashioned picture or poster of an old american flag to finish the room off and make it look like home.

humming now..."i'm a yankee doodle dandy, yankee doodle do or die...." now that was a great movie!

ok, enough decorating cat rooms in my head, i got meds to do.