Rescue Journal


Carol  ·  Sep. 28, 2007

8 hours of sleep, that's a first. i was up twice, once when mugsy started to howl (i thought he wanted outside to pee but he in fact wanted a beggin bacon strip and a cuddle) and once to let cylde off my bed and back into the kitchen when he was done being the warm and fuzzy good little son and needed to return to "i am mr aloof, and i am big enough to sleep alone"

i haven't decided yet if 8 hours of sleep makes you feel more better than 5 or 6 hours but i will let you know.

anyway i was multi-tasking and did some problem solving in my sleep. i awoke to the answer to one of our problems absolutely crystal clear in my head. (it is amazing how your mind can do that when the rest of you is dead to the world)

...i have decided to move the sheep and carl back into the big barn, back into their center spot since that is where they want to be. percy and jeanette can have an even bigger area out there in the new barn and i can have a small area to store their hay, feed, shavings, a wheelbarrow and maybe even a couple of jugs of water too. that will be good for me (less stuff to haul around every day)...everyone wins which is what we all would like to have happen whenever we can, if we can happen to arrange it that way.

i hope after a good long sleep i feel more human and not like such a whiney toad today. i felt somewhat guilty yesterday complaining and dragging my ass around work when i should have returned to work all refreshed and raring to go...isn't that what holidays are supposed to do for you? re-charge the ole batteries, and not to drain them out even more?...hmmm, i think i messed up that part of the expectations of the positive benefits of vacations. oh well, too late now, i will try to do it better next year if i can.