Rescue Journal

no injuries today yet, which is good cuz i am still sore from the ones before.

Carol  ·  Oct. 2, 2007

it was a bit of a disaster here this morning, the power went out which meant so did the pump for the well. but ever prepared, greg hooked up the new generator that was donated by one of my nursing friends and her spouse and voila!.... still no water. the generator is not big enough to run the pump. luckily the rain barrels donated last year saved our butts and we were able to still bleach and wash the floors and fill the water buckets for everyone.

lynne had a close encounter of a very not fun kind when the 5 gallon laundry detergent thing leaked all over the laundry room floor. i would say that floor is definately clean now.

bernie was bodily removed from the bathroom and is now living in my den. she was somewhat angry and hissing at me initially and i haven't been back to see if she is still pissed. i told her she was going to die of vitamin D deficiency (i took out the window when we reno'd the bathroom) and she had to make the move. life is tough and oh my gawd, now she has to sleep on a couch and watch tv instead of under a bathroom sink with only the pipes draining out to listen to.

greg hung the hay racks and the feed bowls and the water buckets in the new barn...yahooooo! no more percy kicking the water buckets over at night, i am so very excited about this sudden decrease in my work.

and the new FeLV cat room is almost done...greg just has to put up the shelves and the sleeping boxes. it is a lovely, lovely room. frodo has already inspected it and i am afraid i think he thought i built it for him. he came right up on my lap and purringly told me how much he likes his brand new room. ooops....sorry frodo, i will make you a great, very own frodo house in the new multi-purpose room.

crappy weather, the wind blew over the umbrella which broke the picnic table again when it fell. that sucked. i guess we better put the summer stuff away now and batten down the hatches for winter.