Rescue Journal

chicklet got a home and saints welcomes cody

Carol  ·  Oct. 3, 2007

little miss crazy chickie-poo with the bad hair doo found herself a really great home today. i am still considering this a bit of a trial cuz chicklet has to be relatively decent to the resident and wandering house bunnies.... which i think she will be. so we will see how she does.

and we welcome cody who while i was told would remind me of bill, does in fact remind me of ugly betty except cody is pretty fat. and we will see whose personality she is similar to...bill, the best dog in the entire world, or betty the wanna-be wicked witch of the west. sigh, they both have their plus's and minus's...maybe she will be half way in between.

i must say that sending out 5 pound chicklet and taking in 100 pound cody really did not make an even trade. but if cody is nice and doesn't scream everytime someone wants a snack, it might just be a better trade.

cody came from a vet clinic, she was surrendered for re-homing or euth. her deadline was up last tuesday so we agreed to take her if they would board her til my day off this week. she is hypo-thyroid (like betty, not bill) and she has pain issues in her hips and knees, (like both betty and bill) and she is obese like bill but unlike betty. she is 11 years old so she is alot younger than both.

welcome cody, be a very good dog please...i need a few more of those.



Chicklet got a home? Have they seen her in true Chicklet mode? How fantastic though and I hope it works out.