Rescue Journal

We Saw Hannah Bannah today.

Sheila  ·  Oct. 6, 2007

Remember Hannah who went to the Pallisades Hotel back in March. I had bid and won the gift certificate for the dinner at the hotel restuarant at this spring's dinner auction. Leila and I went there tonight (6 months later) and after went to see Hannah who was totally asleep so we only saw her back side. She was sleeping in the back she had gone down at 7:30 and wasn't going to wake up until she heard the sound of the night manager. She has bonded to the night manager and the human resource manager (who we met and I forget her name). They had to get her off the schedule of staying awake all night and doing the night watchmen's shift with him. She is very much a people person and the guests enjoy her. She can take or leave other dogs and for a while had an issue with them touching her bed in the lobby but she decided that it was too small for her and usually sits by conceirge's desk or either the reception desk or I think near the door to the outside. It is somewhere that most guest get to see her. Today was a day she decided to be social and was pooped from it so had retired early (but I think that is because she is waiting for the night manager to start his shift). Some week-ends she goes home with the human resource manager for the evening and gets a break from her "job".

The food at Zin's was wonderful but apparently my eye's bugged out when I got my chocolate cake dessert which was only two bites and when I say say two bites a mean TWO BITES. But the food was so good I would go there again.



Thanks for the updates!! :) :) :) Trev is doing very well too! See you on the 13 or before.


ben and beaver are also doing great in their new homes. both of them are very, very happy. lynn (saints volunteer) runs ben on the dikes a couple of times a week so i get frequent updates on him. i haven't heard lately on bonnie but on last report she was very happy too. and lady jane (now dolly) is living as a royal princess should...she has her family wrapped around her little wagging tail!...and i even had an update on the ducks...they are great and their growth rate has slowed down (thank gawd,,,hopefully not commercially fed growth hormones) and their new mom loves them to bits.


Caro (now known as Jack) is doing great. He loves going for walks or just being outside on the grass. He also loves lounging on the couch or a big pillow on the floor. He fits in quite nicely with his new family.


I was thinking about Hannah too and was wondering how she was doing! Thanks for the update! Anyone know how Bonnie,Ben,Caro (Trish's brother) and Beaver are doing? I just wanted to say thanks to everyone-to Carol for having the guts to open and run Saints and to all the Saints volunteers and supporters. I also wanted to thank the Saints well for being Saints (like someone else posted a little while ago)and for loving and looking after us. Even though I don't get out as much as I would like to Saints is always in my thoughts and in my heart. Happy Thanksgiving everyone!


i was asking mo last week if she had seen hannah lately and she hadn't...oh i am so glad you guys bid on the dinner and got to see her. thx for letting us know!!!


Whoo Hooo Thanks for posting this.. I have been thinking about her lately and reading this made my morning... now I'm going back to bed for !!