Rescue Journal

gawd clyde is a toad

Carol  ·  Oct. 7, 2007

cody decided to come into the encourage her to do this, i sat down on the floor and rubbed her zipped the pathological freak and started frantically grabbing her ear (downed dog)...ohhh, i got so mad at him and sent him running for his corner. two seconds later i am assuring her that he is a freaking toad and i will protect her while i am again rubbing her belly and in he zipped again. i guess he thought maybe i was only faking being mad...not.

now he is frantic...oh is mad at me...leaping at my hands and my legs and biting a bit too hard. geez. i finally sat him down on my lap and calmed him down. he is such a pain.

spritely's leg looks great tonight, i would get all excited except i know it won't last. everyone was good at bedtime in the barn tonight. pete has finally gotten it and runs ahead to his stall when i finally have his food. until then he goes from window to window putting his front feet up on the ledge so he can moniter my progress closely.

ogidie is leaking soft feces when he sleeps. he is getting quite old and considering how wrecked he is with all of his many and varied health issues, i am truly surprized he is doing as well as he is. his appetite is great but he remains skeletal and i am not too happy that his favorite resting place is my bed considering his newest and not so fun problem of bowel control. i am giving solutions some thought because i know he is a fine line from ending his journey and i don't want to interfer with anything that gives him comfort...sigh, like my bed. i am thinking that if i put incontinent pads over where he likes to sleep and cover them with the very softest and thickest of fleece we might be able to meet both his needs and mine. that is tonights plan anyway...hope it works.

will and grace have a potential family coming to meet them tonight at 8 pm. leslie is one of the nurses who works with me. i am going to have to talk about the possibility of the corona virus which is difficult because i have not even had them tested yet...oh well, the advantage to dealing with nurses is they actually hear and understand what i say.

phoebe and clyde and packer are all playing in the is like a herd of elephants thundering around in there.

sigh, i guess i better tidy up before our visitors come, ratz i had forgotten til leslie just called and i already had my pj's and house coat on....better get dressed again...that sucks.