Rescue Journal

it was a hauling kind of day.

Carol  ·  Oct. 10, 2007

i started at 8 am at the feed store for feed and shavings and i hauled all the crap home again. i hauled around really FULL wheelbarrows of manure and old shavings and straw that have hit the end of the road (cuz quite frankly on my working days i do a half assed cleaning of the barns and have to make up for it with a good clean out on the days that i have more time.) i hauled water buckets and bottles to stock up the new barn. i did have help with all of this cuz trina and carmen had some time to spare.

then i hauled all the crap out of my van and hauled more stuff into it that i took out to chilliwack for the pound and to send on to yvette for the sled dogs. i finally got to haul my ass home but then stopped at the feed store to buy more shavings cuz i used all the ones i bought this morning, and since i was there i bought several big cases of canned cat and dog food cuz they like crappy friskies and pedigree the best. and by the time i got home again, it was getting dark so i left all that crap in my van to haul out tomorrow cuz i sure as shit am tired of hauling stuff today.

my favorite image of had just gotten dark and i was digging around in the hay shed for the barn guys evening hay. i hear a distant thump which i know is swinger cuz he is a manly horse and likes to kick his wall while he eats.

suddenly i feel a poke in my butt and there is swinger behind me. not only did he let himself out of his stall but he stopped and opened up spritely's and sparkle's stall doors for them too. i guess he didn't want to go outside in the dark alone. bad horse, but pretty darn clever.