Rescue Journal

toxic waste

Carol  ·  Oct. 10, 2007

last week i was furious when a client who was fully independent was once again fully dependent because the nurses were too kind and doing more and more for her each day. i had a fit, changed her careplan, went to see her and now she is independent again.

now this would have been a good thing if i wasn't such a bag in the office about this, bitching and complaining about kindness killing our patients and putting them on the fast track to forever victim of facility health care.

i was toxic that day, no one heard me or really cared if i was right or not...only that i was in a bad mood and best to stay out of my way.

everybody has toxic days, i have them, you have them, the pope has them too. it is part of the human condition and while not a great thing, it is ok once in a while because we are all human.

but what about those toxic people whose every thought, word or action spews forth toxic waste...they infect the vulnerable, they alienate the ones who move far away to avoid their burning splash and they affect the attitudes of onlookers and tourists taking a peek at someone elses world.

they are the nay sayers, the ones who say everything is wrong and do absolutely nothing positive to make it right. they wear their toxicity like a medal of honor because in their minds, they are the only ones with the vision and the courage to stand and bitch at the world.

i get like this once in awhile. i can feel the anger and the rage building up inside me til i just want to scream "the whole world and everyone in it, is stupid"

sigh, i hate it when i feel like that. i felt like that last week for a couple of hours at work and again this week in rescue....the only real stupid one was me.

in some ways i am lucky tho because i see so much toxic waste in others that it scares me when i see it in myself. invariably that will be a day that i grab my favorite pig and a few dogs and a goat and a calf and go looking for some perspective and peace by the pond. then i can make a conscience i want to feel the sun upon my face, surrounded by animals at peace, or do i want to enter the minefield of disaster and fight back against toxic waste and invariably create even more....i usually decide to screw toxic waste.

turtle gardens animal rescue has taken on 55 chained and starving sled dogs. they are now stretched past their financial resources in stepping forward to help these many dogs...if you are able to spare a bit of cash, please visit their website and make a donation. this is real rescue in the real world with real dogs and their real saviors needing some help in a positive way and that is what real, toxic free rescue is all about. and all of these dogs are going to need homes so please visit the website, read and then tell their story and maybe someone will hear who can give a good home to a good dog who needs one.



A lot of these dogs are Saluki or greyhound mixes. The first 5 have started our group foster program and are couch potatoes! They need tlc, patience, kindness in showing them their boundaries and of course food. They will be spayed/neutered as soon as my vets can fit them in (it is cow/vaccination/pregnancy testing time!!) These guys learned potty 101 in just 12 hours. There are some huskies about 6 or so out of the 43 - the rest are elegant greyhound types. Thanks for your support - we have a long road to go.