Rescue Journal

working together

Carol  ·  Oct. 14, 2007

we went up to the kennels to clean the final runs and there were people there already working. friends of the woman had come to give her a hand. wahoo. we helped for a couple of hours and then headed home cuz i still have feeding and laundry to do and eva and tammy still had the bunnies. so that is off my plate now, i will go back tomorrow evening to pick up the power washer and wish the dogs good days. they have clean kennels now and that feels good. and hopefully all will be well once their lady gets home, i do think that they miss her.

back to work tomorrow on afternoon shift, dare i say, i am so glad. these past 5 days off have been brutal...i need a rest plus i don't have to be at work til noon, yay, i can clean the barn in the morning with the dogs, and trina is here to cover the house...all of us will like to start the day like that, i hope it doesn't rain.

i will tell you the one good thing about taking the time to help these was working out in the field (ie real world) again and being with saints volunteers out there too.

thank you nicole and lynn and carmen and eva and tammy, i really enjoyed your company, support and sharing the hard work (and some laughter and sadness too) these past few days...i feel like we were a really effective team and accomplished some tangible goodness together.