Rescue Journal

in pursuit of happyness

Carol  ·  Oct. 15, 2007

(i just watched that was good)

and it got me thinking about happiness and how long i lived without it. and then i started thinking about the animals here and about their happiness too.

it takes so little to be happy. all it takes is doing the things that you really and truly want to do. for me it was helping wrecked animals (and buying them mcmuffins). for dexter it is a ball or a stick or the macdonalds bag full of breakfast that he tried to steal from me on sunday morning. (he could not have the whole thing to himself, he had to share with mo and the other dogs too)...still he had some and that was enough and that made him happy even if he had to share.

sweet pea is happy if i hold her on my lap, and tyra is happy if she can swim in the pond, cole likes to skulk and roll in green poop and tally wants whatever is in mo's pockets. clyde is happy being a freak, and phoebe is happy if she gets to wear a sweater.

you don't have to be smart, or rich or on a beach in hawaii to be happy. you just have to do the things that you like to do.

my ex never got that....he thought happiness was hiding in something he didn't have...i thought happiness was hiding in a pipe dream somewhere inside my wasn't hiding at all. it was just sitting there waiting for me to do what i wanted.

i love my life....i pursued and caught up with happyness (at least today i did...tomorrow i might change my mind!)



Is this not tied in to the courage to change? We get used to the misery we know. And then the other side of the coin is that we may not appreciate what we have until we lose it. All rather heavy thoughts so eary in the day.


Here's to that last part! May we all be blessed enough to be able to change our mind AND pursue our happyness.