Rescue Journal

updates on some of the saints

Carol  ·  Oct. 16, 2007

sam goes back in for repeat bloodwork on friday. we are pretty sure it is cardiac disease but need one more test to confirm before we start treatment. gosh he is getting frail, he turned into an old man over night.

ruby is passing alot of bloody stools now and she is confused and starting to circle. she has a vet appointment tomorrow before i go to work...probably we will be advised to let her go.

remy is deteriorating and pain control is becoming an issue...not sure how much longer we can juggle the meds.

and both jeanette and gideon have weathered their storms and both are doing well right now.

it is pissing down rain and cold tonight and it was late when i brought the barn guys in. ellie was so mad that her ears were literally purple and i swear she just about broke thru the barn doors in her rage.

mugsy's bloodwork showed liver disease and for past two days he has had very loose, mucousy, and bile filled stools. i called the vet and started him on flagyl and i hope it kicks in pretty darn quick.

gawd i have a headache tonight, between sweetpea yelling to be picked up and chicklet screaming to leave the food alone, and phoebe snarling at any one who walks past her bed, and remy protecting with that rawhide he found and clyde's playing soccor with the garbage bin....i think i could cheerfully kill them all. (except ruby and sam of course because they are sweet and quiet and don't cause a ruckus like some other ones who are hurting my head.)

and geez i wish they would quite setting off firecrackers and bottle rockets next door in the school yard, it is freaking out the dogs who can hear. i think halloween and the resulting fireworks for weeks before and after, sucks, it terrorizes a ton of animals.



i heard...the sad truth is...i would probably do the same. contracts clearly state adopters cannot rehome adopted dogs and there is a very good reason for this.
rescues know what they are looking for in a home, ellen is probably not an expert at this. and research shows that statistically each home that an animal gets moved to becomes alittle bit worse each time it happens.
i am hoping the rescue interviewed the new family before determining that the dog needed a different type of home cuz maybe ellen fluked out and found a good one...but she should have returned the dog to the rescue and then sent the family over to apply or spoken with the rescue first and asked them to approve the new home before she moved the dog and upset the dog, the rescue, the family, the  kids, herself and another million others who happen to adore ellen and think she can do no wrong.
sometimes people don't think, sometimes they don't read contracts and sometimes they think that because they are rich and famous that they can do things that maybe they shouldn't do.


Have you been hearing about the Ellen Degeneres case? I guess she and her partner adopted a rescue dog, then gave it away (a big no-no). It was taken away from the family and and given to another one. Ellen was bawling on her show and the rescue lady is getting death threats for taking the dog away. What a sad story that could have been prevented.


Yep - Jenny plays with toy mice, laser pointers and now other cats. She has also been hanging out with my neighbours poodle!!?? Of course she still finds time to howl at nothing, bite, rip up paper and eat it and also munch on plastic bags................................


since i just woke up in the bathtub to clyde diligently trying to remove my finger...i just want it to be a matter of public record that if i ever do kick off unexpectedly and the little bastard eats me...A. i was probably either already dead or at least profoundly comatose before he started and B. i love the little carrion seeking beast so please don't be mad at him if he tries.


Oh there are quite a few "attitude" t-shirts/sweaters to choose - I'm spoiled for choice.......................


I think Clyde would look very cute in a litte t-shirt. Of course it would have to be one with a little attitude!!


I want to buy a t-shirt/sweater for Clyde. Can you measure him from the base of his neck to his tail so I can buy the right size?? I will send cheques for his sponsorship for December onwards. I already gave cheques for the sponsorship of Tom until then so you can just transfer Oct and Nov to Clyde.FYI Nudge had to have an enema last week! I thought I was doing well with her and I feel a little bit like I failed but it has been decided that fibre in her diet is bulking her up to much so she just gets low residue wet food or just wellness wet food. She is still on cisapride, lactulose and salmon oil of course. She really is a joy though. Has taken over the bed and sleeps on my head at night. Jenny and her also play chase now too - it's cute!