Rescue Journal

i need glasses

Carol  ·  Oct. 18, 2007

first of all, if i got glasses and actually wore them, i probably wouldn't get so many headaches...ahh, today is the first day i have awoken without a headache in 4 days. and i would be able to see who i was actually cuddling with cuz this morning i woke up feeling all happy cuz sam looked so much better too, except it was endora who was purring my arms. sam still looks so very frail.

and i would be able to see the wet and slimey hairball that was sitting right inside my slipper too.

it is because i am a cheapo that i won't get them...i will lose them or break them or someone will eat them and i know this cuz it is what happpens to all the reading glasses i get from costco.

i am going to go into town and grab some breakfast before i get started here...i need sometime to plan my attack on the day...should i take phoebe?...well yes i should, but i won't cuz she is too hyper for me today.

but my eyes are good enough to see the line of little molly-dog poops that miraculously appeared and were not here a minute ago..or maybe they were, and until i turned on the light, i just couldn't see them but now i can. gee, i wonder what else i missed already today.



LOL not out there they don't, but out here we do. No problem Carol!! It will probably take me a few weeks to get it in gear, and get them there, but I will do :) I know how it sucks to not be able to see! LOL


they sell reading glasses in dollar stores?
+1.75 and i like plastic frames...thx christine, your the bomb!


Carol, if you let me know the strength you need, in the next few weeks I can mail you several pairs of reading glasses. I work in a dollar store out here, and we sell them for $1. Then if and when something happens to them, it wouldn't be a big deal :)