Rescue Journal

what a world we live in...

Carol  ·  Oct. 18, 2007

sometimes i just can't get my head around the evil do'ers become the victims and the do-gooders become to blame. and how somehow it is ok to start pointing fingers when someone else is literally hanging by a thread...not helpful.

i am taking a break from the rescue board again, apparently the people who steal stinky, matted, neglected, cold, wet and very, very lonely dogs off of chains are criminals and rescues who help 55 starving sled dogs are targets, and dog trainers for movie sets are the real experts on adoption policies...ok then, did i wake up in some kind of backwards world?

i have been struggling for the past couple of weeks over these dogs i have been helping from the senior lady's breeding kennel.

i don't breed, i never have, and i don't care about bloodlines or pure breeds. to me a dog is a dog is a it rotti, or collie, or pitty or beagle. i know their inborn traits and i see them and i realize that these PB dogs are more specialized in their needs because thx to some breeder i have alot of pure breds around here at any given have the opportunity to experience this with them. but if i had my way, every dog would be a mutt, a whole gene pool of millions and billions different more giants or tea cups or stupid hairless dogs...just a compact mid-sized generic best of all breeds.

so here i am helping a breeder who got old and sick with a kennel full of unaltered REALLY blue blooded, genetically perfect dogs...and i can't stand it. i hate how they live, (not a couch or a pizza in sight) and most of the time i just want to cry and i can't not help them just because she and i don't agree on almost everything...except i know she loves those dogs.

and here is my point....all of us choose the path we take in life. and people who love dogs are no different. some just have pets, and some like to do sports, and some like to compete, and some like to rescue, and some like to breed and some like to do a little bit of alot of everything. some rescues like saints have red couches and tv's, some have their dogs in foster homes, or crate and rotate, some board their dogs in cement and wire kennels or have those things already in place at their home. some like to do it big and some like to do it small and some like squeaky clean, martha stewart rescue while i like down and dirty, (lets go muck around in the pond, eat pizza and roll in poop.) and really, who cares...well of course we do, about what we are doing ourselves...but why do we sit in judgement on others when obviously we are coming from different and foreign places.

bottom line...are the dogs loved in kennel or crate or on the couch? are they fed and vetted and warm and dry? are they happy, are they loved?...does someone really, really care about them?...if yes then there is no need to start battles over who's way is right. our battles should be to do the best that we can. i think i can fight my own battles to do it well here, and i think others can fight their own battles in their own way too. and if there really is only one right and true way out of all of the choices, well gee, i guess we will learn that if we are greeted by the doggy police outside the pearly white gates. (i am pretty sure they will let me pass, i bet doggy police like pizza and rolling in poop too!)