Rescue Journal

wow...what a storm

Carol  ·  Oct. 19, 2007

HUGE thunder, lightning, and should have seen the barn guys flying for can those guys move. i am sure the dogs were freaking but frankly i was stuck in the barn and i wasn't leaving til i had it all done. they all survived and the walls were intact so... good dogs, thank you for being brave.

we had a HUGE delivery of shavings bales and feed today. just over $800...i am hoping i actually ordered enough to last a month cuz up to now i haven't seemed to last more than a couple of weeks.

i was late for the bank, but the tour went really well...a group of 4 who want to help saints. they were such a pleasure to spend some time with and are hosting a garage sale for us in chilliwack soon.

i spoke with a couple of different vet clinics today...muffin in foster is doing quite well. we are managing her chronic ears and teeth and eyes with medication because her heart is not good enough to risk surgery. i spoke with carol re: ruby's bloodwork, considering her age at 18... it is pretty darn good. and with sam, instead of upsetting him again with another clinic visit, i am just to trial him on some flagyl and see what it does. i also ordered him some of that special recovery food which is so good for frail cats and will see if maybe he will eat some of that....up til now, everyone has LOVED it.

my headache is still here, that sucks but it is managable today. and i got thru the basics of care (except the laundry of course) and just have few tasks left to do. thank you tammy for helping me in the barn and greg for unloading that HUGE feed order.(and for letting ellie and pete help AND for pulling that straw that i was trying to teach ellie to suck tea thru... out of her mouth when she decided to eat it instead...bad pig.)

so today wasn't too bad, and i think i can handle going back to work tomorrow without freaking out and johanna, i am holding you to milo's bailey's offer when you get home! (i like the plain stuff best)

oh and the phones at saints got fixed today and by a really nice young man whose mother in law volunteers at CARES. he is used to rescues and crazy rescuers and he really liked this place and all the animals while he was fixing the phones for us here.