Rescue Journal

quite the day today

Carol  ·  Oct. 20, 2007

and i was glad i was at work. mo and trina barely got here before clyde started to seizure. i was trying to tell them over the phone how to give and what dose to give of the rectal valium and mo said.."hey man he is going to bite me" and i said "no he is not" and she said "he has already tried it and it was a good thing i move real fast"...hmmmm...plan B...don't try to give him valium rectally, give him some oral phenobarb instead.

in the end he just kept on seizuring so greg threw a blanket over his head and held him while trina put the valium you-know-where...mission accomplished and 30 minutes later, clyde was finished with this set of seizures. time to up his phenobarb dose again.

sorry guys, i bet that was almost as fun as....a comparison escapes me.

it seems that maude's affection and attraction to me is seasonal. she adored me from january to april, ignored me from april to sept, and guess who is adoring me again? miz maudie who has moved out of her stupid dirt hole and back into my bed. i guess even huskies prefer to winter in dry soft comfort.

ellie is limping alot today, her shoulder looks slightly swollen...did she strain a muscle or did swinger give her the better not have anything to do with a cranky old horse.

sweet pea is grumbling again today, i guess i better give her the feel good meds a bit earlier tonight.

almost time to put the barn babes to bed...please be good guys, i am tired.

7 pm barn bedtime update....hah! ponies are WAYYY smarter than horses. spritely and swinger were flying around the riding ring, frantic for me to open the gate so they could get into the barn. and gideon and sparkles said "screw all this fuss and waiting crap" and ran down to the bottom gate and right up to the barn....swinger and spritely never did figure it out...i guess a bigger body does not mean a bigger brain.



Poor Clyde and poor Mo!! Hope he's doing ok tonight. Please give him a love for me.


I'm glad that everything turned out alright for The Crazy. I'm sorry I wasn't out today, spent two days at a humane education conference.
See you next Saturday, goodnight to you and everbody!