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if anyone hears...

Carol  ·  Oct. 21, 2007

of someone who wants to help saints but can't volunteer and doesn't have alot of money to spare but really wants to help in a way that is a big deal to the crippled crew....winter is coming and so is the cold weather and i would like a stockpile of about 3 or 4 dozen, small, thin, lightweight and cheap baby fleece blankets.

they cost about $1.50 at the dollar store, they are bright and cheerful and easy to wash. they are PERFECT for wrapping up the smaller, frail guys at night and if a few people sent a few at a time...voila! the few add up and soon we have lots on hand to keep our guys cosy! (they end up in the laundry alot which is why we need so many).

i am going to go and buy a dozen more this week cuz we do need some now and then we can wait for all good things to come, even one good thing at a time cuz it does all add up!.... especially nice warm little fleeces.


Cheryl and Stefanie Stirling

any idea what size if you can measure middle of their chest to their bum...we have so many of them something is sure to fit...No stefanie is now a full fledged registered nurse at

we will come out this weekend to bring a bunch of stuff...


ahhh...water proof warm horse blankets!!!!....spritely is wearing gideons winter one which is too big for him and too small for her and gideon just has a rain coat which is not very warm and is too big for him too!

i just bought a new one for sparkles cuz she is even smaller and none of the ones we have can even pretend to fit her, and swinger has one that fits him really good so both he and sparkles are good to go, but gideon and spritely might need some help if you have anything there that might fit them!

and yes i remember you both because it was incredibly kind of you to help us get those guys here to their new home, i was sooo worried about that trip and it went so well. is stef still at bosley's i don't think i have seen her there in quite a long while?

Cheryl and Stefanie Stirling

any use for some horse blankets...Stefanie has a garage full of them and we may have some that would fit your guys if you can use them...warm ones.

Cheryl and Stefanie Stirling

Carol, What else is on your wish list that is needed...please we would love to help you out...what dollar store has the fleeces and what for big dogs...are any dog beds needed...or what type of food...I don't know if you remember who we are but we trailered the sheep and horse to mission for you when you moved...Any cat stuff barn stuff dog stuff...can you list some things and we can see what we have or can get for you.


I have several little fleece blankets (everyone gave our two kids blankets when they were born.) I also have knit ones and heavy ones - let me know if you can use those too. Do you have anyone who can meet me in Delta, Surrey or NewWest as I never make it out that way?