Rescue Journal

saints welcomes carly

Carol  ·  Oct. 21, 2007

which was spelled carlie, but now is not... i liked carly simon when i was a kid and altho our carly is not anorexic (in fact she is "sturdy" but not quite "tubby" )...i happen to like her alot already too.

she is ensconsed in her private quarters (the royal vestibule) with a sheepskin lined and soft fleecy covered raised bed. she is decimating a rawhide knot and quite warm in her pretty purplely-blue coat (that came with her...thx guys at VAS, she looks like a blue blooded matron with that wide collar and her royal stance!)

she has a GREAT face and a butt that likes to be scratched and an absolutely deadly wagging tail (she might accidently be-head one of the little guys)

i haven't introduced her up close and personally yet to any of the others cuz clyde is a freak. he is so very excited by this newest arrival that he is winding everyone up as much as he.

i will leave it til tomorrow when i feel braver and stronger and actually feel like i can keep them all in line.

but if all goes well and smoothly, i know that carly is going to be a huge favorite of mine.

thank you shelley and friend for bringing her all the way out to us in the pouring rain!



mo, can you bring your camera out on saturday (i'll bring you a coffee) so i can steal some of your photos. i have to get some new photo albums up as i am a couple months behind and have some of zoe's photos to put up aswell and figure i should do them all in one go.


Oh, and Shelley's friend is another exceptional VAS volunteer, Susan. We are very lucky to have them both (and we know it).


Just to let you know, Carol, Carly was cat-tested (and passed with flying colours) but cattle-testing at VAS is limited to seeing whether a dog reacts when someone says "moo".....
Carly really is a love, and I think she'll be one very happy Pittie when she gets acclimatized and realizes that she is finally home, in all senses of the word.
I now, of course, can't get "You're So Vain" out of my head. Thanks for that!


I like Carly Simon too...if it helps her "original" full name was "Carlita."


I can't wait to meet her. I was looking at some of my photos from SAINTS & came across the Pitties.... gosh they were fun & now we will have our own senior gal. I hope she settles in nicely ... and doesn't chase the farm guys : - )


Isn't she great...she's like an old Duchess! Thanks so much for giving her a spot "in the Countryside Manor."