Rescue Journal

bits and bobs at saints today.

Carol  ·  Oct. 23, 2007

i finally got the barns cleaned but it took half of the day. i got the dump run finished and then came home for an afternoon nap cuz i still don't feel all that great yet. napping doesn't work that well around here unless you happen to be a dog or cat. i am going back to work tomorrow since the queasy, headache stage has finally past. and the tiredness part? i think that might just be normal, i can't remember not feeling tired so i don't think that counts for another sick day.

carly is an interesting dog, but she makes me kind of nervous while i am struggling to get to know her. she has decided that she is now a kitchen dog and i am not sure yet how i feel about that. i think she can be in the kitchen when i am here but not when i am somewhere else.

she was watching me eat my toast for dinner tonight, along with sweet pea, clyde and phoebe and packer. and she was staring at packer with the softest rumpling in her chest and telling him to back away from the toast....packer is pretty deaf so he couldn't hear her and he is blind so he couldn't see her giving him the back away eye. i told her to stop it and she did right away..for like 45 seconds that is.

so no sharing food right now with any of the beggers til i get a better feel for carly and her tolerance level and she won't expect it if no one caves in and starts feeding them like i always do...until now.

cleo is bugging me, she is doing the lexie thing...sitting outside on a bed and watching for me thru the kitchen window. i finally brought her back into the dog room and told her to stay in there and quit stalking me. where do these dogs learn "applied guilt 401"?

the vet cut lexie's torn nail off today when she was here so that saved me a trip into town. and ellie is still limping and mo says there is a cut under her foot so i guess i better get the vets to come and see her too. i hope the belly rub trick works again cuz i am not wrestling that pig to the ground, i am not anywhere ready for that yet any time soon.

ruby had a bath today. i decided since we were not going to euth her in the immediate future like i thought we might have to do, that excuse had worn thin for her dirty coat so she finally got a good bath. she hated it but she has forgotten it already and i am glad that dirty deed is finally done.

it is quiet here tonight without remy. and endora seems ok that sam is gone now too. lynn took a bunch of the laundry so i guess i can try to get a load or two of my own stuff done for a change.

it is weird how regular life just goes on when some one elses ended the same day.



The cut on Ellie foot is not bad enough for a vet call... I;m not really convinced that is why she was limping . Getting Elie to lie down is easy... just start to rub her tummy & she falls over to make it easier for you scratch the whole tummy.