Rescue Journal

i got most of my stuff done

Carol  ·  Oct. 26, 2007

and now i am done for the night too. jeanette has fresh bedding under the covered area (geez that old stuff was heavy to haul out). i put all fresh pole shavings cuz the vet said that soft surface was the best for her arthritis and then i put a thin covering of straw which hopefully will be easier to clean, scoop out, and replace. i leave the new barn door open for her but she prefers to sleep out in the shelter. again, i am happy because she now has a choice and i think animals should be allowed choices like me.

i cleaned out bens old day time pen with that very cute insulated playhouse. and i set it up for a feral cat i suspect is hanging around (altho i have only seen him quite rarely.) he now has a house with a carpeted floor, a chair and a couple of different beds. there is food and fresh water inside there and i will be watching to see if it looks like anyone actually moves in. if he is still around, i will set out a trap and see if he is a feral or just a lost cat gone wild. and if he needs things like neuter and vet care et el...we will get him whatever he needs. i hope he is still hanging around and i hope he likes his very own house!

we are trying to finish up some odd little jobs cuz greg is going to be busy elsewhere for the next little while. it is endless the stuff around here that needs doing! i said, i am done for tonight so i am done thinking about all that other stuff too.

a quickie on the animals....pokey pete is like the very best goat in the world. carly is a royal pain in the ass (precious phebers managed to tick her off today) but i have to say, she is without a doubt the nicest and polite-est human loving dog we have here.(phoebe can't shine a candle to her there)

mugsy cracks me up. he just cannot stop barking when he is happy. we had him out near the barn with us for most of the day and i swear to god he only shut up for a minute here and there. of all of the faces here at saints...he has the best-est face i have ever seen.

everyone appears to be well tonight and i am happy about this. pheobe tried to steal ogidie's food but eva caught her and gave her heck. ogidie needs every calorie he can get and phoebe can't have any of his. i found the cutest sweater to put on him tomorrow, in honor of up and coming halloween...gosh it is adorable and ogie will look so handsome, i can't wait to try it on him...(and he likes wearing sweaters too!)