Rescue Journal

i have 2 phobia's

Carol  ·  Oct. 26, 2007

mud and fleas. when we get some extra cash, we will bring in another load of gravel and get rid of the mud pits that are starting with all of the rain. it bugs me to wait, but i have gum boots for going out to the barn and just will have to deal with it that way for now. sometimes you just have to be patient even if it is hard for someone like me. and anyone who wants to visit the barn guys should bring out gum boot to wear right now too.

but fleas are another matter altogether, there is no dealing or making due with those bloodsucking monsters...can you imagine if we had a flea infestation with 45 animals all living under the same roof? OMG!!! someone could make a scary movie of that, like willard or that spider one too.

so tammy found a flea on phoebe's butt yesterday and that sprung me into immediate action...with tammy's help we advantaged EVERYONE...including the rabbits out in the rabbit room, no flea is going to be sucking the blood out of our bunnies!...just shy of 60 animals got advantaged by 2 determined, flea-haters. (our freaky ferals...dixie chick, andy and sunny escaped but then they always do. i don't worry about them so much because whatever fleas they happen to bring in will eventually make the mistake of trying to bite someone else...then they get nuked!)

i couldn't smell urine this morning when i got up...all i can smell is advantage...i think the smell is right thru my nose. and hah! it is a very good makes me feel good to know that we got them before they had a chance to take over here. you cannot do multiple animal rescue and let those little buggers take over. i had a magor infestation once, about 20 years ago...i only had 2 cats and one dog at the time, it was a nightmare of catastrophic proportions back then... multiply that by 20??? holy smoke we'd all be eaten alive!

so i am feeling somewhat satisfied today...(i'd feel more satisfied with a load or two of gravel to spread around) but i am content with stopping that army of fleas from invading our fort.

and today my big plans involve a couple of other icky things that have been bugging me for some time too...fingers crossed that i get them done, then i will be happy about that as well too. i like days off that actually produce extra results, then when i go back to work, i feel good about that too.