Rescue Journal

what a very nice day today!

Carol  ·  Oct. 27, 2007

beautiful weather and some truly great people to share the day with our friends. mo, trina, nicole, tammy, zoe and cathy were all here hanging with and caring for the guys (i was at work) and i came home at lunch to a treasure trove of kindness...cheryl and stephanie had literally brought a ton of great things...there is hay in our new hay area, horse feed and cookies and fleeces and toys and what have you. the horses are all sporting warm winter blankets and we even tried to get ellie to wear one too (sigh, she said no and she looked so freaking cute!) pink pig princesses are pretty fun to dress up, she just doesn't like the straps around her back legs but i bet she would wear a giant fleece doggy coat if it only had a strap around her belly. i am wondering if i could sew her one....double sigh, i might have to dig out my sewing machine and see if i can make one without getting too mad. (sewing machines suck and we don't like each other...they think i am stupid and i think they jam up on purpose).

dexter and sweet pea shared my dinner tonight... i ordered out (i gave them all the vegies with the creamy cheese sauce and they both liked them alot. it looked like i cleaned up my plate...with help)

carly continues to be a bag but geez i just love her square pittie face and she is totally sweet with all humans, she just sucks with our furry guys. i will start working on the full meal deal, getting her over this on my next days off.... (later in the week)...i will have 4 days to work her thru her bitchiness so lets hope she proves to be a quick study. cleo was great today and mugsy barked his fool head off while he was out by the barn and gawd, i adore his face too...he is the biggest doorknob and i think he actually might be homely but to me he just looks sooooo freaking cute!

the new feral cat house appears to not have been touched...i hope that cat is still around and ok. come on buddy, it is great private cat house, give it a try and move on in.

all in all a very good day, thank you to all who made it so. (it would be better if i knew that cat was sleeping in his house with a full belly and a warm soft bed!)