Rescue Journal

crappy night but i got a new great chair

Carol  ·  Oct. 31, 2007

i suffered from those freaking hot flashes all night and my foot was throbbing cuz i dropped a chair on it while i was rearranging the big dog room (i am not happy with it yet so i have to re-do it tonight!)

but i had a good evening...i saw sheila and leila's new foster dog and she is lovely and i fed patrick enough cookies to make him puke (i hope he didn't!)

clyde was a hoot, his new toy is one of the raised dog beds which he flipped and murdered most of the night. cleo and copper are taking turns enjoying my brand-new old chair which even i haven't gotten to sit it yet. both of them say it is wonderful (i got it for less then 20 bucks at the second hand store and i swear to god you guys, THAT IS MY FREAKING CHAIR!)

all of them enjoyed my banging around in there with them altho tally hates it when i start moving furniture around. still he was happy that i was in there with them so he forgave me for turning his world upside down.

i told copper if he pisses on that chair, i will kill him...(it is cloth, not vinyl or leather,,,sigh, i must have been insane when i bought it)...BUT it is red and it is soft and huge with a giant matching footstool and it has cow skulls on it so i like it alot....i guess, maybe it sounds a horror?

oh well, it probably won't last here very long anyway but i did want one soft comfy chair and for 20 bucks, it was well worth the risk. i am going to sit in that sucker and put my feet up tonight!