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Luke 1994 - 2007

Sheila  ·  Oct. 31, 2007



I'm so sorry to be reading this, sorry for Sheila & Leila.. Luke had the very best he ever had for the last years of his long life.. what a wonderful gift to give & I hope that soon your memories of him will bring you warm good feelings , without the sadness of missing him... I have a couple of pics I want to post... will have to ask nicole for help..


not all dogs belong at saints but all of them who need here come here. and here luke met sheila and leila and he told them that he needed to go home....and he did.
i will forever be grateful to both of them for hearing luke's silent plea and for giving him not only a home but 2 hearts for him to break today.
this was a very good story of a very good dog who died with a very, very good home.
they should all be so very lucky.
i am so sorry for your loss guys and so happy for luke's life.


What a lucky, loved boy. Luke touched so many people, with his sweet, happy demeanor. Sheila and Leila, I am so very sorry for this huge loss. You gave Luke a beautiful life.....too short a time with you, but blessed, just the same.


Sheila and Leila:

I am so sorry. I never had the honor of meeting Luke but one can tell by his pictures that he was a very special "old soul". Thank you for giving him such a wonderful home for the last part of his journey. Rest in Peace Luke, you will be missed!


<p>oh mr. lukaduka - your giant head will be missed.<br />
for everyone that didn\'t know much about luke, his story is here: <a href=""""/"" rel=""\"nofollow\""" rel="nofollow"></a></p>
<p>This is my favourite photo of him from sheila and leila, climbing in a laundry basket.</p>
<p><img src="" /></p>

Chris T

Leila & Sheila - I am so sorry for your loss. I loved Luke when I first met him. He ate butter chicken like a pro! What a great picture. Take care of yourselves.