Rescue Journal

saints welcomes raymond and says good bye to cody

Carol  ·  Oct. 31, 2007

everyone is going to love raymond!

raymond is from CAC...too old, too wrecked, too sick for adoption in a very busy shelter that is once again too full. ray may very well have been on the bad end of a very hard choice today. he is suffering from renal insufficiency, eye and skin infections, starvation, anemia, and massively infected prostate glands. his teeth are all broken and worn from a life time of probably gnawing away on a chain.

anyway, once again, thx to trina who does not allow the CAC dogs to die without a fight for a second chance...he is here....he is absolutely lovely and despite my fears of another incoming unneutered and unknown dog who is much too sick and thin to even consider doing surgery on yet...he is very contentedly laying on a bed next to the crate i expected to have to confine him in.... with all of the cats and the smallest, frailest dogs.

he looks to be a chow and either a basenji or maybe collie cross...he looks alot like a softer francis but is even more skeletal.

he is an absolute doll. welcome raymond, we will all love you, how could we possibly not?

ah.... the circle of life...luke passes from a very good life that had it's start in rescue and raymond has just begun that wonderful journey, let's hope his journey is as blessed.

cody moved into her very own home and i wish you guys could have been there. she leaped out of the car and went happily waddling right into the back yard and said "i am home" then she beetled her butt straight into the house and quickly checked out her new abode before grabbing her new little brothers bone and laying down for a good chew.

there were no moments of worry, no moments of don't leave me...just simply, "oh thanks, this is just what i need."

thx to our trina and her family for giving cody her chance for a life that just got blessed too.