Rescue Journal

big sigh......

Carol  ·  Nov. 2, 2007

busy day again today...i spent til 2 am sorting thru the piles of laundry and tossing what should be tossed anyway...why wash stuff that is longer worth washing? and why add to the piles with the big stuff that takes up too much room. so i sorted thru all of the clean linen shelves and threw the clean stuff i never ever want to wash again in a basket. and for the next few days we will use it as bedding but pick it up and toss when it is done. that should free up (the still not working right washing machine which is going to drive us insane in this crises)

and i programmed the big dog room except for tally and copper who apparently need their meds crushed and in canned food.

i bought a bunch more bleach and some hand spray bleach solutions and gee this mornng ought to be fun. nicole is coming this afternoon to help me straighten up the multi=purpose (currently throw those supplies in there) as it appears that Best Friends is contacting the media about the new cats arrival and with my not so great luck lately some cub scout reporter will show up and have to wade thru mountains of supplies in order to reach the new cat room...(which is tidy, and sparkling neat by the way!)

i am not sure yet if todays tour is still on...most people feel creepy crawling at the thought of ringworm (it is a fungus, like athletes foot, not a parasite, like some kind of worm...stupid name, quite misleading)

gosh i just love our raymond but that dog leaks more urine then everyone else combined! stead of worrying so much about our newest problem, i should worry more that one of the tiny guys might actually drown!

okey dokey smokey, lets go have at her and get this crap done!