Rescue Journal

my favorite word is apparently...

Carol  ·  Nov. 4, 2007

and that is because not everything is as it seems, but sometimes you can make a pretty good guess.

apparently those 2 stray dogs were claimed from the pound by their owners last night. and apparently they did not fix their fence like maybe they should. and apparently said dogs like our multi-purpose room better than their crappy wet yard because i found them at 6 am trying to get back in thru our door.

they live several miles away from here and this i know cuz the pound staff reminded me where they live and i have seen them alot now i come to think of it. i am not taking them home cuz i know what they did to that lovely dog they had before these two (they let her run loose and chase cars on a busy corner and then when the new dogs came they locked her out of their yard. she ended up in the pound and was re-homed.) and guess where our 2 new wanna -be saints are going? right back to the pound. second offence in less that 24 hours, i bet the fine will be big! maybe too big to claim them can only hope!

cheaper to go find a couple of more free dogs who no one really wants and will eventually end up at the pound too. sigh, at least they feed them well...the dogs are actually in very good health.

every time i drive past there now i will consider them a stopping ground for dogs who are their way to someplace better because people who rotate dogs like second hand cars should maybe realize they suck at being a decent responsible home.



A BIG thanks from all of us who have been working with the Pahrump cats you received from Best Freinds. I have been caring for those cats for three months and love them all dearly. Read your email to Danielle. Thanks for mentioning each cat. Give them all a hug and kiss from me. You have twelve pieces of my heart.



Sounds like a fairly full past couple of days.
Excited to see you all on the weekend!
So many fundraiser afoot...