Rescue Journal

ok, i just had my first good chuckle in the last couple of days

Carol  ·  Nov. 6, 2007

barbara from best friends has posted an on-line story (nicole will post the link when she gets my message) about our new sainted ameri-cats (it is a nice story.) and she posts a link to the blog for an update on the pahrump kitties who came here (alot of people love these cats alot!).....she slipped in for readers who follow that link, that "carol is not much for capital letters"...that made me laugh, and laughing is always a good thing.

anyway...just to defend myself here...i am a good animal rescuer, but i suck at alot of things like typing and i type alot (i am pretty fast with 2 fingers)...shifting to capitalize one letter in many, takes up way too much of my time!

thx for the very nice story, but more so thx for the very nice cats!