Rescue Journal

busy night

Carol  ·  Nov. 7, 2007

hmmm. i got home at 5:30 went straight out to the them all fed and had my little toe broken (thanks ellie you bloody freaking dinosaur beast) and then went to the ameri-cats. i got them all tidied up and fed them their dinner and started to make my way to the house.(thank god i cleaned all their cat boxes on my lunch break)

i almost got there but then the cell rang and eva who had eye surgery today needed to get into i got her in there and she is currently on good drugs so i rushed home to check on the damage from the not so saintly beasts.

ooops. i locked tally and dexter into the first dog room when i fed them their lunch on my break. someone really had to go in that 6 hours i had forgotten them so that was kind of a mess.

clyde is hysterical from my being gone so long and carly is pissed and wants a belly rub and another non leaked on dry bed and sweetpea wants my lap but she is only getting the bed at my feet cuz my lap right this second is for hook (see below for why).

hook was laying in the cat box when i finally got home and that makes me really nervous. he ate his lunch at noon so i am not sure what has changed, but only sick cats hang out in cat boxes.

so i will try to get him into the vet tomorrow, maybe i can slip him in when i drop off raymond at noon. hook is my very own cat and while he hasn't been here that long, it matters little...he is my cat and he better not be really ill. please be ok hook, i really, really need you to be ok.

i am going to kill clyde if he doesn't stop dumping out all the cats feed bowls...i am tired tonight and don't feel like watching him play soccor bowl and why can't he just go to sleep..or even better yet, why can't he be a sick dog in a cat box!