Rescue Journal

a scary movie

Carol  ·  Nov. 8, 2007

rrrrrrreeeeeeeeccchhhh, i hear that soft screeching of hinges and open my eyes. as i lay in the dark, i watch that cat room door open in slow motion and in the darkness i can see, all in a line...their bodies quietly sneaking out. tyra, lexie, which cat was that? and who is that one? crap it is too dark to see....oh please god, please not that raymond. i feel the change in the atmosphere and it's surge as they all so slowly converge on my bedroom.

and here is the part of the scary movies i don't get...why do the characters get up and get right into the middle of whatever bad thing is about to happen and they do it in the dark when they can't see.

screw it, i am not stepping in puddles and poop in the dark, i rolled over and went back to sleep.

and i learned something about scary movies, if you don't watch they just go away...ok, maybe they didn't and there were ALOT of animals sleeping in my room this morning but what the heck, they were happy that for once they got to win.

the other thing i learned is incontinence cleans up the same no matter where it happens to be. (it is just that in the cat/little dog room i can put it off for a few minutes in the morning so i can make a nice cup of tea before i have to deal with reality of providing sanctuary to unwanted beasts who leak)

my thought for the day is that if more people took in the incontinents...then i could take in less. that'd be nice and i wouldn't get so scared when i hear a door opening in the dark of the night.