Rescue Journal

i suck today

Carol  ·  Nov. 8, 2007

hook has a urinary tract infection...he is on baytril...yay hook, thank you for having something we can fix! the down side of our vet trip was when i went to pick him up after work, i somehow aquired us another dog. sasha is a young 9 yr old senior surrendered to the vet today for euth. she has a food allergy issue and a hematoma in her ear and due to the high doses of prednisone she has been on (without a hypo-allergenic diet) she currently is incontinent of urine. she is coming from a single parent family where finances are a concern and sasha became more than the family could handle. the vet asked if they would sign over to saints and the family agreed. we really are over full right now and the last thing we need is another unknown and leaking dog...but i saw her face and she looks just like marley so gee guess what happened, sasha got to be a saint and she didn't have to die to be one either...i suck at this! sigh..i will pick her up from the vet on saturday and i will have 4 days off then to figure out how to fit her in.

ok but now we are full and NO ONE is coming in (except maybe that old sick dog stuck in the garage).

i was thinking last night that american cats are cleaner and tidier than canadians. but then i just finished cleaning their room and i was most definately wrong. i don't know what the heck they were up to today but holy smoke they made a huge mess. on saturday which is my first day off i get to clean all the windows and walls cuz they are getting them freaking dirty. AND some creative soul in there is peeing in the slots that hold the pooper does a cat pee in a 2x4 slot? i swear they have too much time on their hands. ronnie is getting all mucousy again.... everyone else is holding their own but i think it is time to start him on antibiotics before his URI gets out of control. i was hoping the anti-virals would work and it looked just like they might but better be safe just in case so i will start him later tonight.

well i didn't get much laundry done last night so tonight that pile is monsterous and i really screwed up cuz raymonds appointment is not til NEXT thursday. soooo... i don't get a raymond-pee free night for another week and that sucks alot cuz by then leaky sasha will be pee'ing here too. i was so looking forward to this...i guess i just have to look even more forward, like way, way forward to when i finally retire.

it is not like i wanted the world, just a little less urine for one little night...i can't believe i messed up the dream!