Rescue Journal

rusty and jerome

Carol  ·  Nov. 9, 2007

so i have been thinking about them alot and i decided that at saints nature does not win over nuture. i was willing to be fair and give them each a good friend so that neither one of them would be alone. but i changed my mind.

first and foremost i got a good look at rusty today and jerome has blinded him on the left side (it is a roosters trick to win a fight against a bigger foe.) then i watched helga and pleeze and realized that they both liked rusty and felt comfortable with him alot more than they did with jerome.

so, in my kind of fair world where i get to make the rules...jerome is the one who decided to be a jerk and injure rusty and make the other chickens nervous (in retrospect stress was probably the cause of pleeze's recent severe molting)...sooo...jerome can just live alone and be king of his world without inflicting his powerful self upon the others. i am confident my decision is right because greg and i just went to check on the chickens, and rusty and helga and pleeze are all roosting tight up together and their coop is surrounded in peace.

jerome is sleeping by himself in his now empty coop on the other side of the newly installed wire.

nature might win in the real world over nuture but then saints is not the real world. it is a place where we decide what happens and we win whenever we can (at least we try to win especially when keeping everyone safe.) sorry jerome, it sucks to be you, but then it sucks for rusty to be a one eyed rooster now too.