Rescue Journal

sometimes i wonder...

Carol  ·  Nov. 10, 2007

if i do damage to saints with this blog. maybe i shouldn't be me so much and i should try to be someone better. cuz i do know that sometimes on here i am funny and sometimes i am even wise and sometimes i am really stupid, or bitchy, or outright just plain nutz.

i tolerate myself pretty well which is why i can tolerate all the animals quirks too which is directly related to my ability to rescue somewhat effectively the ones that no body else will.

but blogging what i think all the time, at the moment that i think it...while pretty darn honest of me might not be such a good thing.

sometimes i think i should confine myself to just the cutesy little stories and not put the hardship out here and the times that i mess things right getting flooded out by raymond or rusty losing half of his sight or forgetting to give clyde one phenobarb dose and the seizures a few hours later, or when i get mad at parts of the world in general, and i tell them too, right here on this blog.

maybe if i tried harder to convince everyone how good i really am, that i don't make mistakes, and i am always really nice, and i know all the answers and i never get angry and i never get really sad and i can handle everything that comes my way perfectly and i am not the least bit crazy ever....

never mind, that is a really stupid idea....i would have to be a really good politician to do that and everyone already knows i am not the least bit politically correct.



Carol speaking for myself I appreciate your honesty and it helps me to see what happens at Saints on a daily basis. It isn't all roses and butterflies, the world of rescue can be brutal and emotionally draining. I think you're an amazing person for all that you give to the angels at saints but reading your words help me to remember you're human too!

I live to far away for regular visits to Saints but your Blog allows me to peek inside and see whats happening there. After reading about your escapades I feel like I've had a visit and it's wonderful!


The type of people I can't stand are the ones that are convinced they are perfect, perfect, perfect... and they never make a mistake and they are oh so great at doing well just about everything in this whole damn world and therefore have all the answers... You know the type that have bumber stickers that say "I don't do stupid". Well we all do "stupid" somewhere in our lives and to think you don't means to me that you have very little ability for self reflection you just have the ability to judge others and judging others is easy
(I should know I do it all the time). The very hard thing to do in life is judging yourself and that is what I like about you Carol... you can do that because most people I have, no matter how "successful" they are can't do it.