Rescue Journal

remembering today what sometimes i forget.

Carol  ·  Nov. 12, 2007

saints is about caring, and sharing and working together. meagan had her first volunteer day, i hope that we didn't kill her too much. it is alot of work for alot of people to clean up after these messy beasts but today it was kind of fun.

we took a break and sat around the kitchen and i was so happy to see clyde being a moron and chewing on everyone in the room. we all agreed that harley is like the very best dog and tyra is a very fast toy killer, she gutted that stuffy in seconds. none of us really like cuddles name so we are going to give him a new first name too...i am thinking of Stanley Cuddles...stanley was my own beloved little dog who left me after being my best friend for more than 16 years. it has been almost 5 years since he passed away, i don't think he will mind sharing his name with our new guy who has already decided that he is my newest best friend.

i bought the big dogs a new tv, this one does not have a DVD...(remember cole ate off the cord on halloween night)...i should have waited til my next paycheque cuz now i will have to be careful not to run short. but it has bugged me that they no longer had a tv set, cuz almost every home has a tv. and i think they like that normal homey sound of human voices hovering around in the background. and i know XXX likes having it on the decorating shows while she washes those endless never ending floors (i like watching them too)...(i am not supposed to put trina's name on the blog, it makes her feel wierd to read it so after today if you see an XXX, you will know who i mean!)

the dogs didn't make too much of a mess while i was out for a bite with eva...someone chewed up a couple of packets of treats and phoebe pulled down some of the laundry. i told her to quit doing that, the shelf is NOT her personal bed, and every time she does it, clyde just has to christen it with his lifted leg...i have enough laundry to do, i don't need them making more.

i should tell you that phoebe had me laughing today. that dog is such a prissy paris hilton. she was desperate to keep the raindrops from her lovely self and literally ran from shelter to shelter while i was messing around with the barn guys. first she was under the tarp with both of the goats, then she ran to the big area with the cows, she finally ended up in the little barn as i arrived there and then reversed her order of dry spots on the way back to the big barn again.

the winds here today were pretty horrid, i had to cut the field run short when i heard the trees start to crack AND it blew down and wrecked our new hay portable shelter, i am not too happy about that. this sucks cuz i need to bring in a new load of hay (we are almost out) and now we have no where to store it...except....there goes the cleaned out and organized feed shed again...that shed is just not meant not to be stuffed to the rafters despite my best laid plans.

it was a good day here today...good people and good animals...we got everything all done and with time to hug some of our favorite friends.