Rescue Journal

how come....

Carol  ·  Nov. 14, 2007

when i am working, i am frantic for my days off to come? and then when they finally get here, i never get the extra stuff done?

and i keep freaking out thinking, come on, i just need one more day to get to that stuff...but the morning they are finally over and as i get ready to return to work...i am feeling a huge sense of relief that i am finally back to work?

i tell you, there is just no satisfying me.

oh. and i forgot to tell you guys, that lynn (i think it was lynn) came up with a great solution to raymond tossing piles of food all over the room with his nose. the cat food is now up off the ground...but the dog food bowl now sits in a cat bed. so now my dear friend raymond can toss the food all that he wants and instead of making a gawd awful mess, it stays nicely contained in a bed. (i was just watching him again this morning and thinking hah! someone is smarter than you)