Rescue Journal

some things that might be of interest

Carol  ·  Nov. 14, 2007

MAYBE...some good things coming for some of our saints. a national beagle rescue is offering to help us find a foster or permanent home for packer. they are coming to meet him on friday and have already posted him on their site.

the person who rescued raymond and saved him from starving on the street is heavily involved in wildlife rescue. she has kept in close contact while awaiting his vet assessment and upcoming surgery. there is a possibility he may go home with her depending on how everything pans out. and of course pete and edith have a home with my friend in the cariboo, we just need for spring to arrive. i should warn you karen that pete jumped up and climbed all over the hood of my van. i was unloading hay on my lunch break and he thought i had brought him a giant tonka toy can call him GMC Gerald Goat instead of pokey goat pete!

wesley rockstar (rocky) is off with nicole for a couple of days. he will be getting a full vet assessment in her vet tech program. he will like being nicole's guinea pig (he LOVES her) and he gets a couple of nights sleep over at her house.

i am going to have to switch the dog food bowl out of the soft sided cat bed...duh! the sides are to high for the little guys to reach over. i am thinking of putting it into a cat box instead. if raymond would just quit goofing around with it, i wouldn't have to be trying to figure this out.

is spritely's leg just a bit more swollen?...i am not quite sure but i think it might. i am always in pins and needles about that leg, it just blows up over night.

i just spoke with XXX and cody is doing really well. she still needs some bloodwork done and XXX will get her in really soon. she finally managed to jump up on the bed and i bet that made her really happy. and she now has her very own ramp so she can go and help pick up her littlest best friend from school. yay cody, one happy dog down...quite a few more to go.

i thought i would just remind you that clyde is an utter freak. how come no wants to adopt that little bugger? he'd make someone's life interesting and he is number one on my "get that way too happy dog" a home (and perferably somewhere else).

greg picked up the rest of the basics to finish the interior shell of the multi purpose room. now we have all the boarding, and insulation and lights so he just has to get it all up.

and speaking of that's very first official function is....


everyone and anyone who helps us to care for the saints in any and every way is welcome. we will have a few well behaved special saintly guests (which means that clyde is not invited)

well i think i will go looking for dinner, there must be something i can microwave...and i better start pushing thru laundry or i won't get any of it done.



Don't you know Carol that you need to invite a mix of personalities to party's otherwise they are boring!!! I think it would be fun to have both Copper and Clyde there (not to mention I have a soft spot for both of them). Guess it comes from having the worst behaved lab (I think she was crossed the beagle) in the world. But to me she could do no wrong and I loved her so much.


geez nicole...he is a male...don't males of all species fart alot when they feel especially good?...some guy who farted alot, told me this was true, or maybe he was just making excuses.

god lord karen, that goat ain't coming to the party...he'd wreck the joint and eat all the good food...i might as well invite copper (who is also not invited and ellie isn't either)


wesley is a donut. he can reach the middle of my kitchen table with his giant slobbery mouth, which means he can reach any food on the table - not good.
by the way, did you change their food recently - he is farting up a storm and this time I hadn't given him any chicken nuggets on the way home.


Maybe GMC Gerald could be your centrepiece on the potluck table. I'd love to take them sooner, but they haven't had an opportunity to grow Cariboo winter coats.