Rescue Journal

tonight is my raymond pee-free-bee

Carol  ·  Nov. 15, 2007

i whipped raymond to the vets, cleaned both barns, fed the chickens and cleaned/fed/med'd the americats on my lunch break...i tell you i was freaking fast! good thing too cuz i got home really late cuz of an accident on lougheed hwy.

it was pitch black by the time i got home, not sure who was more frantic, the barn guys or the dogs. i put my boots straight on and got the barn guys in and decided to check on everyone else. the chickens and americats were fine but the rabbits were not, it appears that they got missed today. so i cleaned them up quick and gave clover a cuddle and i made it back in the house in record time and apparently it just happens that this is my super speedy and organized day (i get those like once a year.) the dogs were all still frantic but i ignored everyone while i cleaned up their pee and their poop. by the time i was done, they forgot that i was late and now everyone is once again quiet and calm.

everyone seems to have weathered my neglect so i think i will neglect them some more. a really hot bath, a baileys and tea and a few loads of laundry to do. and maybe for once...early to bed? i doubt it but one can always hope.