Rescue Journal

probably not the best way to treat a hematoma

Carol  ·  Nov. 16, 2007

you can discuss treatment options with the vet.

A. you can surgically drain it and then deal with weeks of sutures, discomfort and cones. (just like we went thru with ozzie and tyra)

B. you can just leave it alone and let it re-absorb...which we have never done before so we thought we would give it a shot with harley.

or the last option i never considered, was option....

C...let phoebe the freaking bag fall asleep on the couch and wait til harley unknowingly walks by her and gets nailed just once in the ear....blood and fluid exploded all over, the place looks like a slaughter house...and while the ear is still dripping freely, it is completely and totally drained out.

not sure how i should to react to i think i will just ignore the fact tonight that phoebe is an utter cow....anyway, that ear is no longer puffed up like a balloon, and the wound itself will be easy to keep clean and let heal.

don't ever do that again phebers, but tonight, maybe it might be ok just this once.