Rescue Journal


Carol  ·  Nov. 17, 2007

raymond is STILL at the vets, his neuter is bumped to monday...i get another 2 night pee free passes! his diagnostics are back...a UTI and a probable kidney infection. it also appears he has a slight neurogenic hopefully with the right combo of drugs, his incontinence will disappear. they are sending off a urine for C&S so we put him on the appropriate antibiotics.

if i was a normal person with a normal life...i think i would have 5 dogs...tyra and tally (who already are mine) and lexie, harley and sweet pea...hmm. maybe i would have a few more of my own...dexter, cole, maudie, mugsy, cuddles and chickie...but not clyde, i think he belongs with rescue which if i was a normal person, wouldn't be me.

the barn guys were good tonight and that was nice but what was even better?...ALL of the feed bins were stocked to the top, even the ones that mo didn't need this was a lot of hauling i didn't have to do...thx mo!

when i went back to work after my break...zoe, susan and shelley were still here. i asked shelley if she was having fun and she said she loved it here. and i know when people are really happy and really love being here, that the animals will have a very great day...i know zoe and susan feel the same so i am thinking that while i was out working, the animals were enjoying themselves while i was gone.

sigh...there is a ton of laundry to do and even more to put away...the new washer is now being delivered on monday, please god make that freaking thing work like they say it is supposed to cuz almost 2 years of extreme laundry frustration is more than enough for anyone.



Shelley and Susan are both amazing women. They have been two of our most involved, passionate, come-hell-or-high-water volunteers for a long time. Both take dogs on great adventures that a) get them out of their kennels and b) get them all kinds of exposure. My guess is that at least 10-12 dogs have been adopted from VAS because Shelley and Susan have made it happen. SAINTS can only benefit from having them come out regularly.