Rescue Journal

i am giving my head a shake...

Carol  ·  Nov. 18, 2007

or maybe i should bang it against the wall...i woke up this morning and thought...yes! today is my friday, and then i get 2 whole days off!

so? i am here on my own on days off and i can barely manage to get all of the areas clean. and what do i do? but make it even worse for me. monday, raymond needs to be picked up in the afternoon, the laundry area needs to be emptied and all of the animals shifted for the arrival of the washing machine, dr. petrelli is coming for swinger and for the americats, somehow i have to get to the dump. and lets not forget, there will be a new cushings dog to help settle.

tuesday is not much better, still here on my own...i have morning vet runs in maple ridge, i have to do my own laundry on top of the leaky guys, i need to go get more shavings and litter pellets and then have visitors pre-booked for tours in the latter part of the day.

have i absolutely no conception of how much one person can do? am i stupid or what? why do i think to push all the extra stuff over onto my already too full days off? i think i can do it all...and the sad part is i probably will. (or at least most of it...who knows what ball i will drop?)

do you know why napolean, hitler, and gengis khan were almost able to take over the world? because they were all mega-ego-maniacs as a result of syphillis disease.

so what if i am not an angel? what if i am not a saint? what if i am not super woman?......what if i am just some poor slob with a nasty STD?....

sigh, too bad that is not possible, cuz there is treatment for that...i think i just got crazy all by myself and no one can fix it but me.

so i have added another task to my list, but i can do it while i work....i am spending the next 2 days off pondering how to get myself and my ridiculous expectations back under some kind of reasonable control. i need to give my head a really hard shake and stop being so utterly stupid!