Rescue Journal

so today was full of surprizes...

Carol  ·  Nov. 18, 2007

like i never noticed tally's new sexy red leather, star studded collar til just now. OMG it looks so great on him, he is such a lovely and handsome hound....thank you whoever got it for him!!

and i picked up little sparky from the vets and she spent part of the afternoon at my office. she is a great little dog and i like her alot. she is a 13 yr old schnauzer. i really should ask what kind of dog i am taking...i heard she was small and had cushings disease and ignored all the rest.

the biggest surprize was when i came home for lunch and greg said "who is the white dog in the multipurpose room?" HUH?? i thought that maybe zues had come back but then where the heck was his sidekick wolfie? so i go and look and there is a freaking cream colored shitzhead cross in there. who is putting dogs in the multipurpose room? well apparently no one from here. so that dog got stuffed in there sometime between 8 pm last night and lunch time today. i called the pound but no one has reported missing a cream colored when i got home tonight i brought him into the house and christened the poor little thing "george"...hopefully he is a stray and not a dump and he can once again go by his real name if and when his family notices he is missing. sheesh.

i am going to put a sign up..."we are not mission animal control"...those guys get paid.


Carol our little stowaway george is not such a mystery today..lynn, trina ans meagan stuffed him in there when they found him wandering around and all of them forgot to tell me. geez and i thought my memory sucked.