Rescue Journal

so how is everyone doing?

Carol  ·  Nov. 19, 2007

first of all we welcome 2 brand new saints...they are beautiful hens who have joined jerome...i named them olga and olivia and i think jerome is in love. (and alot happier now that he is no longer alone)

rusty is starting to come outside on his own now, he is starting to believe again that he is safe. he still stays close to the door of the coop but one day he will completely believe. helga and pleeze sure are good with him.

the bunnies are surviving my current attention and i am enjoying getting to know them better. those little guinea pigs are sure demanding when they want to be fed and boy when they are hungry they are not the least bit shy.

the barn guys are good and edith has got to be the cutest little goat in the world. and tunie is becoming my very best friend and i swear she is talking to me telepathically "carol please hurry up with my food."

endora weathered sams loss well, she and harrison now sleep together curled up. and cuddles still won't let me brush his fur but i keep trying all the same. chicklet is still crazy and tomorrow she is getting a bath and the icky chi's love the new fuzzy pillow i just gave them. dixie still hates me but not enough to get cold so she is hanging out in the house as soon as it gets dark.

eddie is ready for his steriod injection so i will ask the vet for it tomorrow. stripe and missy are both doing well and ogidie looks like crap, but he is happy so i will be happy too. tigger woods and pat the cat are still a couple of the nicest cats here and i wish that they could each find a home.

tiger lily is freaking demanding, and molly can be a little bag, ruby is still just doing her ruby thing which is eating and napping as much as she can.

dexter is still our miraculous dog and apparently little edith knocked him down but he just gets up and carries on, gosh that dog just astounds me.

mugsy and cleo are both quite happy and both of them still spend their time stalking me. copper is fat and so is carly and cole is just the most lovely of dogs except when he won't let the others in the freaking door.

ok...i am tired of typing so that is enough for now except tonight i had some extra fun with the americats...i gave them good drugs (cat nip) and then good treats (temptations) and all of them really enjoyed themselves. people better start bringing more temptations cuz i have a feeling we are going to use ALOT!


Gail Glover

Michelle/Carol: I am glad to hear Endora has a new 'cuddle friend'. I have a feeling Sam's condition may have been an issue for some time - we bought him almost another year and I am grateful for that. I believe SAINTS will be getting a monetary gift for Christmas. Thank you Michelle for "hooking" me up with SAINTS. My Mom talks about the cats all of a sudden, she seems to think my brother did something with them. I personally shall never forget Sunday, November 16, 2006 when we brought the cats down in the biggest snowfall of the year. Then, to my living in the interior oblivion - Mission is all hills!! I don't think my husband can ever be thanked enough for taking this lunatic who wouldn't let him turn around (you know, like a rational person would have done). I was on a mission!! No pun intended. Our senior citizen black lab (who HAD to come for a ride with us) has never been the same. Now going for a ride gives her anxiety attacks. Thank you again for the update Carol.


I didn't know Sam died :( I try to keep up with the blog when I can, but I must have missed that... Was this recently? Glad to hear Endora is doing fine without him though. Let me know if SAINTS is wanting more cats from the Interior!!