Rescue Journal

oh! those freaking runaway dogs!

Carol  ·  Nov. 20, 2007

thank you for posting the cushings info heidi, i am not sure i even understand cushings so thx for posting that. i printed some stuff of but your explanation is more clear.

wolfie and zues are back this morning, this is so utterly unfair. their owner is getting frustrated with their continued escapes and is talking about getting rid of one or both. i don't want them seperated, they have been together since they were pups. i don't want them to go to a home that isn't good and i don't want them to stay where they live. i don't want them to come here, i have more than enough to look after and they are young, healthy 3 yr olds who are not even close to our mandate.

the problem is that every time they come here, i become more and more attached and i start feeling responsible for whatever happens to them next.

this whole thing spells disaster, for either me or for those 2 dogs...and once again, this truly sucks.