Rescue Journal

raymond is finally home.

Carol  ·  Nov. 20, 2007

i got the house, americats and rabbits finished in exactly 4 hours...the problem was i didn't start til almost noon and that kind of sucked. thank gawd the barn was covered without me.

raymond is home and i just went into town to fill his prescription, but the pharmacy doesn't carry it here so they had to order it in. carly is pissed cuz i made her spend a couple of hours out in the playhouse pen...she has a house, a bed, food/water, a bone and a quilt, all on a beautiful sunny day... so i don't get why she was so ticked off.

george is currently holed up behind my back and snarling at raymond...he better not snap and get me instead or i might put him back out on the road.

well my back and my ankle are toasted tonight and i have to get thru the rest of the sanctuary laundry plus some of my own. a hot bath tonight and clean sheets on my bed and another 2 days off are all gone. sigh...i wish i worked a 4 day week i bet that would be better for me.