Rescue Journal

for the winter wish list

Carol  ·  Nov. 21, 2007

since i still haven't done anything about replacing our furnace yet (i keep forgetting, plus i am out of money)....we probably need a couple of more oil filled heaters to see us thru this winter (i took one of the house ones and added it to the americats room)

we also will need a coffee maker and 2 more electric automatic shut off kettles (for the multipurpose room when the volunteers are frozen popscicles and need something to unfreeze them....and a kettle for the barn to heat up the water for their feed)

we still need some more large and small fleeces and a couple of thick rubber backed bath mats and an actual snow shovel or two might be a good idea plus a good supply of road salt so we don't slip on the ice. we could use another load of gravel for the mud on the paths near the house. we also need a few lantern type flashlights and batteries for when the power goes out.

oh, and we could use another half dozen empty 5 gallon water bottles to store a few days of water for when the water lines freeze. and we will need a dozen bales of straw for keeping the barns guys and chickens beds dry and warm.

i think that is it, but i am sure i forgot something that i will remember as soon as we need.



Santa Paws wants to give his old (and new)friends something for christmas so we will be bringing out 2 electric kettles, two bath mats, some warm fleeces and snow shovels (if we can find them). Santa Paws (trevor)Should be out on wed or thurs this week.


i don't recall getting one from you sharla...but then my memory is not all that great lately.


the bath mats are for under the chairs for sunrise (an americat) so he is comfy and warm and not on the cold floor when he is hiding. so yours probably won't work sheila but thx!
yes to the coffee maker jez...thx to you too!


We have 4 heavy rubber mats that we had bought for Oliver so he could stand without falling on the slippery floor. They are 3x3. They have rectangular holes in them so not sure if that would work. Kendell K9 H20 uses them on her ramp so the dogs don't slip.
I believe they are used in production line up work places for people who stand in one place.