Rescue Journal

it is all about minutes now...

Carol  ·  Nov. 21, 2007

6o minutes in the morning before work to get them all outside, clean up the mess and feed and loose the barn guys.

75 minutes on my lunch break to clean the barn and feed the frail guys plus travel time...shit i am only supposed to get an hour so i gotta figure out how to do it faster and more efficiently.

120 minutes after work to put the barn guys to bed, feed them dinner, clean the rabbits and americats and feed them dinner too.

and maybe another 60 minutes of mop ups and meds and a couple of hours to push laundry thru.

so what is that on one of my working days, another...say about another 4 hours or 240 minutes.

well hah! you would think i'd be stressed and exhausted, but i am not. have you ever tucked into bed almost 100 of the best animals in the world. their bellies are full, their houses are clean and i spoke kindly and cheerfully to every single one (except clyde...i am mad at him, he is picking on the new blind dog and that pisses me off.). and have you ever on a clear star filled night, closed gates and barn doors by the light of the moon and felt the slight crunch of frozen ground as it gives way to fit your step? that was only about 10 minutes of my time, but it seemed timeless and those moments stretched out forever.

it is a good way to end the day here...and 240 minutes of saints is way better than when on my days off, i put in 540 minutes more!


2 days on the reduced coldquell dose and sanjaya and merlin's colds are back. i am quite worried about merlin's continued lethargy and i think it bodes ill for long term survival. i gave them a new food tonight, it is one of those specialty tiny can foods..duckamunga or something...looks like a chicken soup for the soul kind of thing. omg did they ever devour that crap...i bet there is a fair amount of puking during the night...note to self..that stuff is for occasional treats only, not for their regular dinner.

edith, the littlest goat has decided it is fun to play bowling with dogs. she has been knocking over dexter and today i caught her sizing up lexie so i told her to knock it off.

raymond is back to peeing everywhere...i did stop and get his new meds on my way home...hopefully they will help.

faith has decided that since we spent most of today together...(i dropped her at the vets on my way back to work, then picked her up and brought her back to my office, and finally we stopped at mcdonalds on the way home)..that now she is to be with me all the time. she has been yelling at me non stop since i stuck her back on her couch, to get my butt back in there with her. off to count actual laundry time.



sorry johanna...i thought you were really asking nicole and i was just included for fyi, i am not very bright sometimes...yes we can use them thank you!

no one bugs packer larraine, not even by accident...he makes such a gawd awful noise when he is mad that it scares everyone off.


I meant lucky Soul's. Funny how you see the error after you hit send.


Hi Carol
You said Clyde is picking on the new blind dog. Is that Packer or do you have another blind dog? Can you tell me how Packer is doing?

Let's hope winter is short and spring comes early. I still don't know how you do it all. Those who end up at SAINT's are very lucky soles.



Hi Carol,

Did you get my e-mail asking if you wanted some prizes that my friends have donated for the Christmas party on December 10th.

You could either use them as door prizes or if yu wanted to raise a bit of money as raffle prizes.