Rescue Journal

saints welcomes sadie

Carol  ·  Nov. 23, 2007

a senior white shepx with a couple of pretty massive tumours which will be fun (and expensive) to remove. she has come from CAC and she is a very sweet and gentle dog (and she likes shortbread cookies too!) thank you so much jean for transporting her!

it was a good day today...despite the fact that i woke up this morning about ready to cry. i have been stressing ALOT lately about the vet bills. and my "ever have faith" post yesterday seemed like wishful thinking. except, it wasn't....thank you sheila for perserving thru all sorts of quagmires and the usual fiasco's around saints paperwork and getting that gaming application approved. we will be receiving a $7500 gaming grant which is enough to clear our current vet bills (good thing to because sadie and faith will be wracking up the surgical bills again next week and spritely and jeanette will need some more pain meds and we haven't gotten dr. patrelli's bill from this weeks group house call yet either)

i kinda thought i might be full of shit when i was sprouting off about keeping the faith alive...but apparently i am not so full of shit after all. ha ha!

thank you sheila!!!!



HAH! they are still on the cork board... i forgot they were there (this is why lynn has a folder, so all donations go in there and get directly to her and then to the bank) i have enough trouble keeping track of critters and needs,,,small bits of paper get lost if left to me...hence lynn!


Hey Carol, I know my donations don't even come close to covering the vet bills but they might buy a can or two of food-if you cash them that is. I left them awhile ago on your cork board in the kitchen. They are postdated cheques starting Nov.1. I haven't seen it come off my account. Just wanted to make sure they dindn't get eaten by anyone. Will be out wed or thurs with santa paws. see winter wish list.


Sadie suits her name perfectly!
She is a lovely girl - beautiful in both looks and personality. She didn't want to go in the very back of my vehicle, so she sat on the back seat with her head by my shoulder, watching the road ahead. Occasionally she would lie down and contemplate the apple core in my garbage, then look up to see if I was watching her.
Nicole, be forewarned - I guarantee you are going to fall head over heels for her!!!! How many more dogs do you have room in your house for???? LOL