Rescue Journal

a series of unfortunate events

Carol  ·  Nov. 25, 2007

it was unfortunate that i had to work afternoon shift today.

and it was unfortunate that something came up in the office and i didn't get home for my break. and it was unfortunate when i finally got home i chose to go straight to the barn because while everyone here was equally hysterical, i figured one of the horses might break a leg while running and freaking out in the dark.

so i put the barn guys to bed and then i headed into the house. i came thru the big dog rooms so i could check on them first...well it was freaking cold and pitch dark in there to start. so i jacked up the fireplace and i closed all the doors and i turned on the lights and everyone had that "it wasn't me" look on their face (except maude)....her face said "serves you right for leaving me in here!" so what had she done? and i walked into the next darkened dog room.....well frankly she wrecked the joint. there is another giant hole in the wall right to the bare studs ( which i would like to point out has been repaired and repainted at least 3 or 4 times this year). she has chewed away on the bottom of the plywood door and she broke our brand new freaking tv. how did she do that you ask? knocking down the entire 6 foot shelf (good thing she didn't kill one of the dogs cuz i would have been really pissed if that thing had landed on tally or dex!) and it was unfortunate that i decided to save the life of a senior hysterical drama queen. i brought her in the kitchen and she is now recouping from her upset on my bed and complaining that it is freaking cold in here.

soooo...i cleaned up the carnage as best as i could and then entered the rest of their domaine. well, maude is right it was freaking freezing everywhere cuz the cat room door was open and corky was literally a parrot-sicle cuz her window was wide open too. the cats and/or phoebe had pulled all the clean laundry down and it was probably clyde who pissed on it all. there was vomit and poop and urine galore and in their hysterical glee at finally having me was in alot more places than it really needed to be.

sooo...i have cleaned up all that mess and i am working on the laundry and i cannot get this place to warm up in the least and it is truly unfortunate that we don't have a furnace that works... i am not a happy (or warm) little camper.

but i think the very most unfortunate event was my decision to rescue a bunch of freaking geriatric doornobs....especially a 15 year old nutbar like maude.



I can, very accurately, picture the triumphant look on Maude's face as you returned home. I cannot believe that she knocked over a six foot shelf.